Big Time Speedway | 2016 Schedule!

Rained Out! – Open Practice | Sun. Jan 31st

Cancelled Speedway Event | Sat. Feb 13th

el nino

Track Opener Speedway Event | Sun. Feb 28th

Open Practice / Billy Janniro Speedway Clinic | New Dates TBA

European Grass Track | Sat. & Sun. Mar 5th & 6th

Open Practice / Billy Janniro Speedway Clinic | Sun. Mar 20th

Rd. #1 Spring Fling | Sun. Apr 9th

Flat Track Event | Sat. Apr 16th

Lawn Mower National | Sat. & Sun. Apr 23rd & 24th

Rd. #2 Spring Fling | Sat. May 14th

CFTA Flat Track Event | Sat. Jun 4th

Rd. #3 Spring Fling | Sat. Jun 25th

European Grass Track / Rough Scrambles take’s place at El Dorado County Fair Grounds | Placerville, Nor-Cal

Dear Riders, Families & Friends,

Firstly, Steve Stasiefski and I would like to thank everyone for participating in our 2015 Golden State Speedway/Flatrack Series. Over 200 different riders came out to Prairie City and gave our cushion DG track a try. Many of you rode the whole series, some only rode once, and some rode several meetings. Due to our unique point system and 5 race series, some of you who participated in the whole series became champions. To win a championship, consistency must be maintained. Finish every heat and every main. Keep the machinery and yourselves in one piece; it’s a lot of work and dedication.

To the rider’s that did not win, you as well all deserve applause and recognition. It takes everyone from the youngest peewee to the division one leaders to make the racing exciting for all to see. Thank you for your contributions. To the two competitors Greg Moore & Luke Becker, who lost their championship by only one point, heartbreaking for sure. Luke, you were beat by the master. Greg, you were beat by mechanical gremlins. Both of you should hold you head up and be proud. You did great. There will be more to follow for you two.

Lastly, we want to thank our staff for all the effort and hard work behind the scenes to keep the events moving. From signing up the racers, to score keeping, flagging, ticket sales, officiating and media, thank you! We know how hard you all worked. See you all on Sunday, December 13th at noon for our Christmas get together at Prairie City SVRA.

Steve Elstins
Bigtime Speedway