Big Time Speedway: The Rules


Pro Speedway 3 heats, Amateur’s 2 heats & main, Junior Speedway 3 heats & main, Flat Track Pros heats, Semis if needed & 1 main event, Amateur Flat Track All Classes Heat & Main, Flat Track Youth 3 heats & main. All Speedway Heats are 4 Laps, All Adult Flat Track Events are 8 lap Heats and 12 Lap Mains


1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points. 4th – 1 point. per heat. All 4th place and further earn 1 point. Any tie for championship will be decided by a race off/sudden death finish in 1 heat, Winner taking all at round 5 if needed. If riding in multiple speedway classes, rider must decide and choose which division they will accrue points toward the championship standings.

Starting and Qualifying

All 4 wheel classes are 8 lap heats, followed by a 12 lap main. Mowers will use a rolling start. All other classes will use starting tapes (speedway style). All starting positions determined by draw ( numbered) ping pong balls drawn by rider. Any and all 1st division speedway riders are eligible to participate. The winner from the Billy Janniro adult mini challenge is seeded into the next round with their entry comped. The winner from the Billy J. challenge also earns $100.00.